Words by Mason

Currently, I work full time as a web content producer (writer/editor/other stuff) for CBS Chicago.


You’ll find some of my stories and poems below…

Sad Robot Stories (Novella) — The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography was nice enough to publish my novella, Sad Robot Stories. Download the ebook for free, or buy one of the beautiful physical copies! (Note: This barely resembles my earlier ebook by the same name. Very different content…)

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You — Shabby Doll House published two of my poems along with awesome art by Bob Shofield in their fall 2013 issue!

Seek Medical Attention If You Have Been Awake For More Than Three Days — This was for Parlor Mag. They publish exquisite corpse poetry. Basically, I wrote a poem based off pieces of a stranger’s poem. That stranger ended up being Scott McClanahan, which is the best stranger.

Dear DJ - Published by Pangur Ban Party. A small collection of very short stories + photos. It’s very sweet and sad and mostly fictional.

Sad Robot Stories - Self published baby. It’s about robots and has crayon-drawn illustrations. It’s quite different from my novella by the same name.

Teeth & How Pigs Talk - I had a few poems published in SP CE’s love issue.

How to Write Good-Like Letters - Piece I read at the Ray’s Tap Reading Series.

Wings - Published by This Zine Will Change Your Life.

Grass Stains - Published by Dogzplot, curated by Matt Rowan

Friends for Sale - Written in 2010 and just recently published in Hair Trigger 34

The Bump - Published by the2ndhand

Getting a Job - Poems published by Red Lightbulbs